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              TK II Stamped Bearing Housing
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              Features:<br>TK II bearing housing is just with 2 nylon seals, so it is easily assembled and with lower cost.<br>Our advantages on bearing housing:<br>1.More than 20 years rich experience in manufacturing stamped bearing housing since 1995.<br>2.With 7 stamping production lines, 2 automatic robot lines and 3 accessory lines, to achieve high capacity.<br>3.Mold can be designed and made by ourselves, so OEM and ODM orders are welcome and no problem.<br>4.Professional technical team members with 18-50 years working experience in stamped bearing housing are always ready to solve your problems.<br>5.Strict quality control for every process and advanced inspection equipment, to ensure the high quality.<br>6.We have cooperated with several of the world top 500 companies, so just trust our capability.<br>Production process:<br>1, Mold designing and making<br>2, Stamping: includes material cutting, 3-5 times stamping, final finishing, hole punching and edge trimming.<br>3, Cleaning and greasing<br>4, Oil coated and Packing<br>Quality Control:<br>1, 100% good raw material from top suppliers<br>2, Precision mold<br>3, Strict 3-5 times stamping<br>4, Appearance with no scratch or burrs<br>5, Advanced inspection equipment to ensure the precision specification<br>6, General tolerance accurately to be 0.001mm<br>7, Standard packing to protect the bearing housing<br>Market:<br>Over the 20 years ,We have supplied our products to manys clients from almost 20 nations, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, Chile, India, Korea, Russia<br>Service:<br>1, Customize the bearing housing according to your drawing<br>2, Accept lettering according to your requests<br>3, Free samples are available
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